Every newbie at the gym has certain fitness goals in mind when they start out but one of the most common driving forces is the desire to build a six pack. A perfect abdomen or abs, is hard to create because it requires a lot of dedication but once you get into the groove and are determined to work hard, you too can have a perfect six pack.

Tips For Good Abs

An Everyday Program
An important lesson in muscle building is knowing that you cannot keep working out the same muscle group every single day. However, with smaller muscle groups such as abs, you can work out every single day, especially if you are trying to build a six pack as quick as possible. Follow your routines for abs workouts for about 8 weeks with maximum intensity and once your abs muscle group adapts to the program, gradually tune it down to less intensity.

Short & Sweet
A common mistake a newbie makes is assuming the longer a workout is the more they can gain from it. Truth is, if you want to build a six pack, your workouts need to be intense rather than long. 30 minutes of intensive abs workouts and you will be able to build a six pack faster than you can imagine.

The Right Posture
As with any exercise, getting your posture right is absolutely essential for your abs workouts. The wrong posture will not give you the results you expect

Cardio Is Essential
Skipping the cardio is very tempting especially because a full cardiovascular workout often requires more energy than some abs crunches. However, crunches and sit ups will tone your abs but your body fat is not about to disappear on its own. At least 30 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week of regular cardio should form an essential part of your abs workouts to build a six pack.

Diet Is Important
All the crunches in the world will not help if you do not eat right. A good diet is very important if you want to build a six pack quick. Eat healthy and stop gorging on junk so combined with your abs workouts, you will have the midsection you want in no time.

High Protein
If you want to really want to build six-pack and display a formidable midsection you have to introduce a lot of protein into your diet. Certain bodybuilding pros consume as much as 70g of protein per meal. However if you find it difficult to consume these amounts protein through the intake of meat and eggs whites, try replacing some of these meals with protein shakes.

All Angles
Last but not the least, when training your abdominals, make sure you consider targeting your abdominals from every angle. While training your abdominals make sure your target your lower abs, upper abs and obliques. Use a varied range of motion to attack all the areas of your abdominals.

These are some of the ways in which you can build a great mid-section. However as always remember training alone cannot get you there. Remember to clean up your diet and introduce an adequate amount of cardio to achieve the desired results.