Many successful bodybuilders started off working out at home even those who went on to successfully win championship bodybuilding competitions. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you are starting out, you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive equipment or the best and many times you can start out with bargains from eBay or your local free ads paper.

There are advantages to starting out working out at home, for a start you won’t be surrounded by muscle bound hunks that could make you nervous, so you will be able to slowly gain the confidence in your own time without feeling under any pressure.

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Basic equipment you could start out with

  • One adjustable bench with an squat rack if possible.
  • 200lbs of free weights.
  • 1 barbell.
  • 1 chin up/pull up bar.

This of course is just the very basic set and should you wish you could purchase any other equipment that you feel you could use.

Some important points to consider

In order to make any progress you will have to have enough weight to challenge your muscles, if you buy 200lbs of weights then these should be enough to last you through several months but then you will need to buy additional weights as you progress through training.

Having a full length mirror in the area where you train could be an advantage because this way you can practice posing if you are looking to go into professional bodybuilding, you can also watch when you lift the weights to make sure you are practicing correct form.

When you progress to a heavier weight it could be wise to have a training partner or spotter as they are called, lifting a weight heavier than what you are used to for the first few times can be dangerous should you find you can’t manage the weight and result in injury.

It is wise to start out with a written account of your routine and this should include your current weight when starting out, the size of your muscles and your diet. This way when achievements have been successfully noted you will know exactly what you did in that week, which weights you used and the type of exercises you performed and the diet you ate for that week, you should also note how many reps and sets of each exercise you do per week.

When you have progressed noticeably and have got to the 200lb weight mark it is time to move onto lifting higher weights, you can continue at home but it is now perhaps the time when you should think of purchasing gym membership if you haven’t already done so.

Being part of a gym will have advantages for you now and will perhaps benefit you more than training yourself, you will be able to refine what you have already achieved and move onto greater heights in your quest for the perfect body.