Is Your Work At Home Business Earning $50 000 A Year?

At one time work at home was reserved for women who wanted to sell cosmetics to make enough money to cover their beauty treatments and new shoes. Today’s work at home professional has breached the stereotype and are earning substantial amounts of money. In fact, if you go to, you’ll find more than 100 work at home ‘out source’ people, professional and non-professional, who earn more than $100 000 a year.

In fact, in the writing category ‘non skilled’ there are writers earning more than $75 000 a year. The potential is there. The opportunities are valid. However, starting a home based business, or any work at home venture, requires a little research.

Income Potential

Most people invest $50 – $300 in a new business venture, without considering whether the venture can actually earn money. An auction site, or a prefab bookstore may earn the owner $1 a product, which means that the business owner will need to sell $50 000 to cover the promotion to meet the average marketing ‘conversion to buy’ ratio of about 1:10 000. That means, for every 10 000 people, who come to the site to buy, one will. It does not mean that for every 10 000 visitors one will buy.

Fifty thousand dollars will buy about 200 good clicks a week from a Pay Per Click campaign each week.

Those 200 clicks, and the website’s traffic, need to generate the $50 000 for promotion, and another $50 000 for operating costs and the web owner’s salary. The odds of earning $100 000 from 10 000 PPC ‘click through’ and the web traffic, is almost impossible.

This type of formula will eliminate most business opportunities. Most of these opportunities operate by the theory ‘the lower on the pyramid a person is. The more they work. The less they make.’

Drop Out Rate

Statistics claim that 90% of all people will drop out. Even when gurus, mentors, and agents work 1:1 with wannabe work at home business owners, the dropout rate is still above 80%. This is because many of these people misunderstand the term ‘passive income.’ They take the word ‘work’ out of work at home.

Time Constraints

Another aspect of a work at home business is the time needed, and the time available to invest into the business. The business owner needs to be able to calculate the time needed to operate the business.

Some businesses require an education in programming PHP, or HTML. They need extensive research into various methods of Internet marketing. They may not need much education at all, just hundreds of hours of Internet marketing and promotion.

Not all small business owners have 40 – 60 hours a week to invest. Even if they do, they may not have the 3 – 6 months needed to see results. It is possible to start a viable work at home business on a shoestring budget. However, the trade off is a fine balance between time and education.

No one would think of becoming a house builder, accountant, or nurse without an education. But, people expect to be able to start a business and run it without any personal investment.

A work at home business that needs to earn $50 000 a year must have an educational requirement that is equal to earning the money, or an hourly rate that must earn $15 – $25 an hour. Each hour of learning, answering emails, talking on the phone, washing laundry, running errands, and going for coffee, must be measured by this hourly rate.

There are work at home jobs such as marketing, coaching, book keeping, out sourcing, investing, mortgage broker, debt management consultant, publishing, that can generate $50 000 a year without more than a few months of education.

Each of these work at home businesses will help people earn $50 000 a year, and more. The secret to creating wealth is to pick the one that will fit into your lifestyle, needs, and abilities.