If you look under my television, you will find a stack of work out videos that I no longer use. In fact, you may find this in almost any home in the world. So many people buy them, use them a few times, and then never touch them again. The problem is that there are so many different types of programs out there you have no way of knowing what you will like and what you will stick with once you begin.

You can find hundreds of different types of work out videos in every store that sells movies and other DVDs. Most of the ones on the market now come in tape or DVD, but they are the same work out videos you have been buying for years. If you were to look at the stash in my entertainment center you would think I was the fittest person in the world. I have enough of them to make a hefty sum on eBay if I wanted to resell my work out videos, but I suspect the ones I have are too old now to be of any interest.

I haven’t bought any work out videos lately because I guess I have gotten smarter about the whole situation. I think I bought a yoga DVD because it was on sale for a few dollars, but I got through about five minutes of it before I shut it off. That’s a sad statement if you really think about it. There are just too many elements in many work out videos that are just too annoying. If you can do them with the sound off, that might be better, but you can’t really do that until you are familiar with the workout. By that point, you are ready to hunt the instructor down for a good tar and feathering.

If you want to buy work out videos, think about what you like before you buy, and don’t think you have to get something that is structured to get a good workout. Believe it or not, the work out DVDs that I use the most is something that is not meant to be a work out. I use a few of the Wiggle’s DVDs that my daughter loves. They are a lot of fun, and because I love the Wiggles, I don’t mind dancing to them over and over again. You can find unconventional work out videos if you use your imagination and think about your purchase before you buy.