A Quick Guide on SARMs

What are SARMs?

The complete word for SARM is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. They are a type of medication that comprise of distinct chemicals meant to work the way steroids do. As an alternative treatment, some of the conditions that the drugs usual treat include muscle wasting diseases. They also are known for their immense therapeutic properties. 

In recent times, the medications are largely used for bodybuilding purposes, as well in athletic circuits. The reason for their popularity is that they work as well as steroids, but without the usual adverse side effects that come with the use of steroids.

How Do Sarms Work?

Generally, they are non-steroid compounds. They are known to have a great affinity in the bone and muscle androgen receptors. In particular, androgens play a critical role in the building of muscles. The compounds in SARMs work by binding themselves to these receptors.

The selective way in which they work on the receptors means that there is just no way for them to affect any another delicate part of your body. Your liver or even your prostate is always safe. It is also the reason that you cannot suffer from the usual side effects associated with steroids.

The compounds in the SARMs have great therapeutic advantages that can only be compared to steroids.  Such conditions as torn ligaments are known to heal the perfectly with SARMs.

How Safe Are SARMs?

Currently, SARMs have not been FDA-approved; it’s probably because there isn’t enough clinical research to ascertain the overall safety of the drug. However, there is immense promise when it comes to its efficacy and safety.

According to credible information in medical research, there are about 3 SARMs that have been placed under extensive studies and observation. The good news is that they have proved both safe and effective for performance enhancement. One of the most exciting seems to be one called RAD140.

Basically, there is a great future for these medications; as they can enhance performance without any kind of limitations.

 What Are  SARMs’ Side Effects?

Just like most medications SARMs also have some sort of effects, even if negligible. Again you need to stay within the guidelines of any SARMs use. If done otherwise, they can cause problems and undesirable side effects. Even so,  common side effects are as follows:

The chemical strengths of SARMs can easily suppress the production of natural testosterone. You can recognize that your natural testosterone levels are low especially when you begin feeling low, lethargic, and just out of it.

 According to research longer usage, or over usage can cause adverse conditions like intestinal cancer. So it’s important to avoid high doses at any single time of use.

Some users have reported  feeling nauseous, and headaches

 Where  to Buy SARMs

Care should always be taken when purchasing these medications. The drugs are not on every available shelf out there.  Basically, you must know what you are buying and not something sinister. Some of the most reliable suppliers is Powersupps UK. Their products are 100% genuine. There is also documentation ascertain their trustworthiness. They’re easily one of the best places to buy SARMs online.


SARMs are basically the next big thing, in the world bodybuilding and performance enhancement. Clinical research is ongoing. Other than that, users know that it’s both a safe and effective therapeutic and muscle building medication.