Bodybuilding for teenagers

Bodybuilding & weight training guide

A lot of bodybuilders choose to go into the sport while in their teenage years; this could be for several reasons such as getting picked on in school because they are too skinny or they are keen on sports already and want to improve on their shape and body build. We as people are all different shapes and sizes but there are basically 3 different categories of body shape which we all fall under.

Determining which body shape category you fall under is the first hurdle to cross before committing yourself to bodybuilding. The three main types of body shape are ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

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Young teenagers around the age of 14 should be aware however that their bones are not yet fully developed and lifting very heavy weights is not advisable as this could lead to damage. You can also do permanent damage to joints at this early age as they too aren’t yet fully developed.

The ectomorph

If your arms and legs are long and thin and your chest and shoulders are narrow and you don’t have much fat storage then you fall into the ectomorph category. Your muscles may already be defined but they are long and thin as are the fingers, hands and feet.

If you fall into this category then the first thing you need to concentrate on is gaining some much needed weight by way of muscle, the ectomorph will find it extremely difficult to gain fat but this however is good news. The ectomorph will usually not have the strength that is needed to perform long workouts therefore building formations of solid muscle will be a very slow process and patience is needed to get there.

The endomorph

The endomorph will have a plump face with a short neck and be wide around the waist area with a high fat storage and an undefined muscle structure.

If you have this body type you will find it very easy to build muscle mass but the problem is you will have to be very strict with your diet as you will also gain fat which will hide those muscles.

The mesomorph

Of all the body types this is perhaps the best for those wishing to take up bodybuilding, the mesomorph will already have shape, solid muscle structure and a large chest from which to build upon.

If you have this body type then you are already ahead, the mesomorph will find it very easy to build muscle mass but in order to build good definition they will have to do a wide variety of exercises.