Importance of drinking water

How important can water be to the bodybuilder, its just water right? Water is greatly beneficial to the bodybuilder or anyone for that matter doing any rigorous form of exercise. Water is something which is so often overlooked yet it is a crucial nutrient in or body and its benefits to our body are numerous. Drinking and getting enough water into our body while bodybuilding cannot be stressed enough, you need it to maintain health, stamina and fuel for building muscle.

Muscle and water

If your body becomes dehydrated then you cannot weight train and if you try then it’s going to be counter productive because your muscles are going to be deprived of electrolytes. It is the exchange of electrolyte minerals dissolving in water which causes the electrical stimulation of nerves and the contraction of muscles.

Therefore it is essential that you drink enough water when body building to give your muscles the electrolytes they need otherwise their strength and the control over them becomes affected.

Water is also essential for your joints and as joints play a big part in bodybuilding you don’t want to risk injury to them, when you progress to adding more weight to your routine more stress is put on the joints and by drinking plenty of water this will ensure that the joints are surrounded by plenty of synovial fluid, which is the lubricating fluid which surrounds your joints and aids in movement of them.

How much water should be drunk per day?

The minimum amount of water you should drink per day is 8 large cups and even more when you are doing a strenuous exercise routine, when you are working out you perspire a lot and through this you lose on average around 4 cups every hour.

This of course will depend on several factors such as your body weight, size and how vigorous your routine is, this is in a moderate climate, if you are working out in a hot climate you will of course lose much more than this.

Know the signs of dehydration

  • Your throat begins to feel sore and your voice may turn hoarse.
  • A burning sensation in your stomach.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • You develop a headache.
  • You feel tired.
  • Your hands may feel cold.
  • Your skin feels dry.

These are signs that you may have become dehydrated, if you get any of these feelings during your workout stop your workout and take in some fluid drinking slowly at first. To make sure you don’t become dehydrated always drink plenty of water before attempting to workout and drink it throughout the day.