Are you in great shape and want to pick up the ladies? Alpha Pickup is offering pickup bootcamps to high value men in the Las Vegas area. They specialize in rich men, but also guys in the fitness industry who look good and have great physiques.

Alpha Pickup is a group of 3 men who live in Las Vegas that teach men how to pickup women. They start by showing them how to game in a night club, followed by what they call day game: where you meet women in places throughout the day such as the street, the mall, and even the fitness model girl you see at the gym.

Classes start at 3 day bootcamps for $1,997, and also range all the way up to 7 day and 30 day bootcamps where they will do a total transformation of you from the inside out.

Things they cover are topics such as insecurity, having standards, goals, and strength of character. They’ll even break down to how pull hot women from these places and take them back to your Vegas hotel.

The company makes a point that instead of spending 100s or 1000s of dollars on VIP tables, club entry, or the stripclub, you can instead learn a set of skills that you can take home with you for life and instead get laid for free.

What separates this company from most others is that they focus on only high value guys, and NOT the nerds who live in their mom’s basement with zero social skills. Instead, they take aspiring alpha men, and give them a speedlined process to getting the sex and the social life that they want.

Also, they offer services most other dating companies don’t offer, such as VIP access, entry into DJ booths, free tables and bottle service, and generally get sucked into a celebrity type lifestyle that will give you a rapid change of identity and sense of self.

If you want more information on this company, you also check out their website or book a bootcamp with them. Picking up women is easy. The city is crawling with self proclaimed top pickup artists who all claim to be the best and get the most results.

If you want to get laid without spending money, taking a Las Vegas pickup bootcamp is definitely the way to go, and Alpha Pickup seems to be lightyears ahead of anyone else in the industry right now.