Natural VS Enhanced Bodybuilding

How exactly is natural bodybuilding defined, is it exercising simply without the use of illegal drugs such as steroids or does natural bodybuilding mean the exclusion of all drugs including supplements. Let’s focus for a moment on what matters and that, of course, is achieving a fantastic well toned muscular body, but does it really make a difference in how you get the results?

To some people in the bodybuilding business it doesn’t, as we know from hearing of them being disqualified from tournaments when caught, it clearly doesn’t matter to them how they achieved the results.

These people are much like the little wooden puppet in Pinocchio; no not for the long nose when lying, unless you count them lying to themselves and their fellow bodybuilders, but clearly they need a conscience, not to mention scruples.

Surely being the best and achieving the best body, particularly when you are going for a title in a bodybuilding contest is not just about the body itself but how you got there that matters.

It should be a matter of pride and knowing you have stretched yourself to the very limits week in week out at training, feeling the burn and strain on each and every muscle as you push them and yourself to the limits. Only by achieving these results through hard grit and determination can you surely claim the title you so richly deserve.

Isn’t that what the true bodybuilding competition is all about, building your body up naturally to beat all others? Surely it shouldn’t be about how well you can build your body with the help of banned substances.

Or is it more about how well you can build up your body with illegal substances without being caught? Regardless of the damage, you are actually doing to this wonderful body of yours that you are supposed to worship, so take pride in it when you parade around the stage for the world to worship too. Make sure you at least take a post cycle therapy if you’re going to use to prevent as much damage as possible.

Is the whole tradition of bodybuilding falling apart at the seams and is it now more competition to see who can take more banned substances and supplements and who has more knowledge of how to use them to gain the best benefit from your body.

Does taking this route just become the easiest without even trying to build your body naturally? Has it become the norm? Perhaps sadly we will never know the true extent of illegal substances in the sport of bodybuilding or any other sport for that matter, because other than testing when in competition how does one tell the difference from a natural bodybuilder to the one using steroids?

The only person who knows the truth is the person themselves and if they haven’t the conscience in the first place then it’s surely not going to bother them now. They will take all the glory and praise with a smile, and be seen as the winner.

While the natural bodybuilder won’t be seen as the winner; at least he himself knows he gained his body the natural way without any substance help and that is something to be proud of and makes him the clear winner every time.

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