Our Product Breakdown of the KONG SARM

Sarms or a new type of anabolic compound that has caught a lot of attention in the bodybuilding industry recently.

One of the most popular sarms you can buy right now is the KONG SARM by Medfit RX.

In this product overview, we will go over the various benefits that you can expect to see in the gym from taking this very powerful supplement. You will also see the side effects that other users have reported and you could probably expect. And finally we’ll talk about before and afters as well as the results that you can see after using this for four to eight weeks in a cycle.

Benefits of the KONG SARM

One of the benefits of the KONG SARM is that is extremely powerful. Not only are sarms powerful in general, but this particular supplement by med-fit nutrition is actually a 5 sarm stack that gives absolutely mind-blowing results in terms of strength, power, and endurance.

The second most important benefit is that it is a stack of five different sarms, which means that you don’t have to buy V different compounds and take five different supplements. You will get all of the best and most powerful sarms all in a single KONG pill.

The third most powerful benefit which is also related to the last one is that it is very inexpensive. This product is extremely high-quality, but you’re able to save a lot of money because you’re buying only one supplement we’re as you’d spend 500 to $600 in total if you were to buy liquid sarms separately.

Side effects of the KONG SARM

Potentially also benefit, the KONG SARM actually has no side effects. Sarms don’t have side effects or very many side effects at all in general, so taking this product you can expect no estrogen conversion, no serious effects like gynecomastia, and there is no need for any sort of post Cycle Therapy.

The results of the KONG SARM

Most people who are taking this supplement can expect to see 10 to 12 lb of muscle gain as a result of a 4-week cycle. I recommend taking two capsules per day which is the maximum dosage necessary in order to get the best results.

Not only will you see a decrease in body fat and an improvement in cardiovascular fitness, your muscle mass will actually grow and you will get stronger and leaner. This is perfect to take either as a bulking supplement, cutting supplement, or recomp supplement. This makes the KONG SARM very versatile and taking pretty much any phase of your bodybuilding routine.